Community garden hosts plant sale as fundraiser

June 10th | Fundraiser

Celebrate Rural Communities in Oregon with Community Website Partnership’s Online Auction

May 25, 2022, Community Website Partnership’s 10 community websites serve over 295,000 rural Oregonians through community supported websites that provide: local events, volunteer matching, news, resources, and emergency info about Covid and wildfires. Community Website Partnership’s network of websites serving rural Oregon offers a free Directory and advertising services that help local businesses reach local audiences and build visibility across the state.

Recent wildfires and the COVID pandemic have made it more difficult for nonprofits serving rural Oregon to raise sufficient funds to continue doing their work. The Hub Team of the Community Website Partnership is offering a creative solution – raise money collaboratively and share the profits.

Community Website Partnership is helping to train, convene, and support nonprofits serving rural Oregon in Douglas County, Jefferson County, Sisters Country, Josephine County, Illinois Valley, Applegate Valley, South Coast, and other areas across the state.

You can preview items for bid at:
Bidding opens Monday, June 8th at noon until Saturday, June 18th at noon.

About Sisters Country Connects
Sisters Country Connects (SCC) is a community project sponsored by the local non-profit, Citizens4Community and in collaboration with Community Website Partnership.
SCC is run by a team of local volunteers and serves as an online resource hub intended to strengthen the network of Sisters Country residents, visitors, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government officials working together to actualize our community Vision. SCC provides locals with vital information including fire and safety updates as well as resources that help the local community thrive.

Our community website also acts as an interactive tool for registered community users to share and access information about programs, projects, and events that support and enhance the quality of life for Sisters Country.

Learn more about Citizens4Community:
Learn more about Community Website Partnership:

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