Community garden hosts plant sale as fundraiser

June 10th | Fundraiser

The Sisters Country Vision is a community-led goal-setting project first started in 2018. The Vision Action Plan was adopted by City Council and other key partners in early 2019, and the Vision Implementation Team (VIT) was formed that July. Since then, the VIT meets every other month to guide progress, collaborate to overcome challenges, and coordinate to identify funding and partnerships for vision projects. This month, the VIT is excited to welcome four new members!

Peter Gutowsky, head of the Deschutes County Community Development Department, will be stepping up to fill the shoes of longtime vision champion, Nick Lelack. Nick was recently promoted, and is starting his new gig as Deschutes County Administrator this month! Peter is excited to continue with some of the county’s priority vision projects, such as expanded trails development and wildfire preparedness initiatives.

Ashley Mohni is joining the team as a representative of Cascades East Transit (CET). CET has been working diligently to explore new transportation options for Sisters Country, and Ashley brings a wealth of enthusiasm and expertise to her role with the vision team. 

Elizabeth Kirby, a local volunteer, young parent, and passionate community builder, will be joining the team as a Community at-large member. In the past year, Elizabeth has been the unseen rockstar beyond all the wonderful social media posts here at the Community Website, and this month started her new job as Website Coordinator. She has also helped start the Sisters Food Security Committee, a local group of volunteers committed to healthy food accessibility for all. 

Also joining the team is Scott Woodford, City of Sisters Community Development Director. Scott spent much of the past year working on the City’s Comprehensive Plan update, which includes a number of vision-aligned projects, and is excited to bring this energy and focus to the vision team! 

Learn more about the history of the Vision and current vision projects at

Content provided by Janel Ruehl



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