Community garden hosts plant sale as fundraiser

June 10th | Fundraiser

The Sisters Community Garden is looking for its new (volunteer) Garden Manager.

Duties require a commitment of a couple hours a month and include the following:

Start of Season Duties

1. Irrigation
a. Turn on water to Garden and berm
b. Test/repair all irrigation lines
c. Install timers for Back 40/Asparagus, Butterfly Garden, West side of Greenhouse
2. Greenhouse
a. Install timers and test systems
b. Install vent actuators

General Duties

1. Plan and lead work parties (in partnership with Event Manager)
2. Repairs (irrigation systems, raised beds, fencing, tools, etc.)
3. Maintain soil amendment piles
4. Weed whack grounds and berm
5. Critter control
6. Recruit and guide Garden Stewards

End of Season Duties

1. Take down shade sails and store.
2. Greenhouse
a. Remove shade cloth from Greenhouse
b. Remove drip system timers and drain system
c. Remove vent actuators and store in non-freeze location
d. Have gardeners remove plant material, cages and pots by end of October.
3. Irrigation Systems
a. Have gardeners remove timers by October 1 (to avoid damage from freeze)
b. Turn off water to garden October 1.
c. Retrieve and store hoses
d. Remove timers for Back 40/Asparagus, Butterfly Garden, West side of Greenhouse
e. Blow out irrigation pipes (Doug from airport)
i. All spigots closed; valves open.
ii. After blow, open all spigots and drain valves.
4. Winterize equipment
a. Chipper/shredder
b. Tiller
c. Weed whacker

Interested? Questions? Email us at [email protected]

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