Community garden hosts plant sale as fundraiser

June 10th | Fundraiser

The Sisters Food Security Committee, supported by fiscal sponsor High Desert Food and Farm Alliance (HDFFA)  is pleased to announce that they’ve been awarded a $5,000 grant from the Oregon Food Bank to host a FEAST event in Sisters Country. Thank you to Oregon Food Bank for providing this unique and important opportunity to address our local food system. From the organizers:
“FEAST creates a space for community members to learn, listen, share and collaborate about our local food system. Our goal with this grant is to engage and connect with a large and diverse group of folks in the Sisters Country community. 

We want to connect with and listen to those who are experiencing food insecurity, learn what gaps or barriers exist in our current food system, and also provide awareness on how food security contributes to community health as a whole.

We look forward to the opportunity to provide educational opportunities as well as learn from the lived experiences of those in Sisters. We are also interested in the larger question of how food can be a community-building tool, something that brings people together instead of contributing to inequities.”

The Sisters Food Security Committee is a working group of the Citizens4Community Community Builders.

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