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Neighbors Helping Neighbors!

 Join your neighbors, School of Ranch, High Desert Food and Farm Alliance, and Pine Meadow Ranch and Nate Stacey, Small Farm Agent for OSU Extension, for our first Howdy Do!  Share your best ideas, experiences, ask questions, and let the wisdom of the crowd guide you to a more productive future.  There’s nothing like kicking back with fellow farmers, ranchers and gardeners, swapping ideas, and meeting new friends.  Come and share!  Pot luck too!

When: July 18 5:30 to 8:30

Where: Pine Meadow Ranch in Sisters

Price: Contribute What You Can


Practical Land Management Starts With Productive Soil

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Nate Stacey, OSU’s statewide Small Farms Extension Specialist and Soil Scientist, will leads hands-on activities that help landowners assess and better understand their soils; learn about proper soil sampling, water movement, and infiltration.

Weeds, Deer, Fire – What’s Not to Love? Learn from Neighbors!

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You are the star of this show!  Bring your ideas and experiences, tips and tricks to share with your neighbors.  The collective wisdom of the community will be on display!  Everyone here is in the same boat, let’s paddle together!

Howdy Do Partners

Oregon State Extension Service
Central Oregon Flower Collective
Roundhouse Foundation
School of ranch
In Cahoots

Pam Wavrin and Mark Gross

Pam Wavrin is Pine Meadow Ranch’s Ranch Manager.  Pam has spent years on a regenerative quest on Pine Meadow’s amazing acreage.  Pine Meadow ranch does it all, from pastureland to vegetable and flower gardens, a variety of livestock, fruit trees, forest bounded by the Whychus creek.

Mark Gross is School of Ranch’s founder and Executive Director.  Mark brings absolutely no experience but is a willing learner and community builder.  School of Ranch has built a following of over 1200 Central Oregonians who share a desire to learn and a willingness to reach out to their neighbors and share common ground.


Pam and Mark (Not!)

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Save 20% on School of Ranch Workshops

Join School of Ranch and get 20% off all workshops.  Your membership helps us cover our costs. Being non-profit doesn’t mean you can lose money!  We need your support and nothing shows support as much as a membership

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Where are the workshops?

 At Pine Meadow Ranch in Sisters.

What do I need to bring?

Bring your experiences, ideas, questions and something to contribute to the pot luck supper!

What about the Pot Luck?

Pine Meadow Ranch is a community facility, and requires food be prepared commercially.  So put on your best duds, head to Freddies or Trader Joes, and let your imagination run wild!

Can I attend with my kid?

You can bring your kiddos!

What is School of Ranch?

 School of Ranch is a Central Oregon based 501c3 nonprofit.  We hire skilled community members to teach practical and artisan skills.  Our mission is to educate, preserve traditional skills and crafts, creating paying gigs, and provide common ground for people regardless of politics, beliefs, age or background to work and learn together.


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