Sisters Country Vision

Detailed Information

WHERE ARE WE GOING – AND WHERE DO WE WANT TO BE? When it comes to Sisters Country, these aren’t necessarily the same thing – and figuring out the difference may determine what our community looks like in the 10, 15 or 20 years time. That’s the reason for Sisters Country Vision, a project sponsored by the City of Sisters in partnership with Deschutes County and the Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council.

IN 2018, the Vision project engaged the people of Sisters Country in a lively conversation about the future of this place we call home. We conducted more than 80 interviews, hosted 13 community meetings across the region, fielded two online community surveys, held four community forums on topics of vital importance to our future, and more.

SISTERS COUNTRY now has a vision and an action plan to achieve it. With 20 strategies prioritized by the community and a series of action steps developed by the Vision Action Team, our community’s vision is now underway!

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