Community garden hosts plant sale as fundraiser

June 10th | Fundraiser

Sisters, OR (October 4, 2021): The Sisters nonprofit Citizens4Community (C4C) has been awarded a $200,000 Community Building Grant from The Ford Family Foundation. These funds will be allocated over the next three years to advance C4C’s work strengthening community connections through civility, collaboration and community engagement.

The core of what C4C does is build community, whether it’s through facilitating community conversations, building capacity through the hosting of educational and training events, celebrating successes by hosting projects like the street banners for graduating high school seniors, or organizing quick-response activities like the recent painting and placement of thank you signs for wildland fire crews.

As co-facilitator of the Sisters Country Vision, C4C works alongside governmental partners to bring new grassroot projects from individuals and organizations into the Vision planning process. One way C4C does this is by convening monthly meetings of the Sisters Country Community Builder Coalition. This coalition is made up of community leaders and volunteers and focuses on local needs and emerging issues. Currently the Community Builders led by C4C are addressing food security, pandemic related resources, and ‘Sisters as a Welcoming Place’ to underrepresented segments of the community.

C4C also led the development efforts of the Sisters Community website ( and continues to manage the website under their organizational umbrella. The site is growing into a one-stop online communication and resource hub for all residents of Sisters Country. It currently contains a community calendar, directories, volunteer opportunities, emergency resources and more.

“Citizens4Community is so grateful for The Ford Family Foundation’s generous support and the confidence in us it represents,” said Linda Cline, C4C Executive Director. “Besides providing funding, the Foundation provides invaluable training and support in Sisters Country and to other rural communities throughout Oregon and northern California. They have played a pivotal role in the formation and success of C4C since our inception almost six years ago.”

Combined with other resources, this grant will allow C4C to continue increasing its community involvement and support. The nonprofit has hosted many local events and celebrations, including a monthly Let’s Talk discussion series, and workshops on topics including bridging political divides and effective communication and collaboration.

To learn more about C4C, visit or contact Linda Cline at [email protected].


C4C fosters a connected community by encouraging civility, collaboration and civic engagement. Through a combination of community tools, projects, workshops and events, C4C strives to fundamentally strengthen Sisters Country and its ability to address challenges and opportunities more effectively.

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